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G 300 golf club set
The functions of Golf Clubs Complete Set ;This is a cost-effective set of clubs, fine workmanship, affordable price, club length can be customized according to height!Titanium No.1 wood, using integrated CNC milling, 65g high elastic carbon rod body, stainless steel iron group! Its rebound coefficient is: 310 ;Golf driver has the characteristics of high shot, low rotation and long distance .Titanium alloy aviation material is selected to thin the edge of the striking surface repeatedly, so as to achieve high elasticity and retain the thickness of the center, so as to make the striking surface more durable! High hardness stainless steel head, stable swing trajectory, restrain the deviation of hitting, let the ball fly farther! The use of back groove structure is conducive to improving the control of directivity and spacing, greatly improving the handling performance and achieving stable hitting. Feyond golf club set is a good choice for you! Specification: right hand 12 + ball bag Package size: 34.5 * 30 * 125cm NW/GW: Լ11.5/13.0kgMOQ: 1set Packing list:3 wooden poles + 7 iron poles + 1 putter + 1 iron wooden pole + ball bag (12 in total + ball bag) Material of rod head: 1 wood rod head: titanium alloy; # 3-5: stainless steel; iron wood rod: stainless steel; iron rod head: stainless steel Color: Blue Body: carbon body or steel body
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